Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 one of battlefields later tittles is one of the best tittles so far. It by far is not the best. I’d give it the 4th best in the series or the 5th but out of 11, 12 tittles it is one of the best. The game is set as the Marines in  2014 fighting against the Russians and the Chinese.


Video Games

My experiences on video games have been very different and mixed as well. I have met a lot of new people that i never would have met however they themselves are much different. Me being good at the games I play I see that people come together to play for me or against me since I have been called many times “The best they ever seen” this to me I don’t believe it.

Xbox one

Xbox one backwards comparability will be rolling out on Thursday and as of now, the games that they are letting out are mainly indie games and unknown games trying to make a comeback. Xbox has included an Xbox 360 emulator and you can play 360 games on your One. The downside is you need to start everything all over if you want to change games, same as restarting your Xbox 360 to replay a brand new game. The games are however Microsoft exclusives and the closest good game on the list is gears and Halo. But if you like pinball, Ms sploshion man, or Call of Juries.

Could we harness the power

If we can harness the power of the sun, we could possibly travel to the nearest star here are a few quotes from the series “ask a scientist “at first, a caveat: even though the actual interstellar journey won’t be as bad you might think, the energy requirements are downright absurd. I’ve crunched a few numbers, and for the trip I’m going to describe, it would take the equivalent of about 100 quadrillion gallons of gas to reach the nearest star; that’s about the same amount of solar energy as hits the entire earth every 7 minutes. And mind you, that’s all supposing that we’re just sending a single person through space in a cardboard box with “spaceship” written on the side. Real spaceships are considerably heavier and would require even more energy,”


A Chicago rapper called Rondo posted to his Instamatic account what he got for Christmas. It wasn’t a Xbox one or an iPhone he revived a brand new Anti tank rocket launcher. He was showing it off and laughing around with an At gun. He then since relieved a lot of attention for this. He since of course like all rappers do deleted the account. Why do all of the Chicago rappers need material things like this. He was being proud of the publicity he has

Anonymous and the KKK

Members of the anonymous group of online hackers are target the KKK website and leaking the members that worked and are active KKK members putting their info out there like what happened with the Ashley Madison accounts a couple weeks back. They promised to release 1000 members by the end of the week and so far have released 50 emails and phone numbers total so far. They’re hacking the twitter accounts of the official KKK. Despite there views, do you think they deserve this?