Ronda Down!! gets knocked out Saturday and she deserved it quite frankly. From not even shaking her hand to being cocky before the fight she deserved every kick elbow and punch she got down to the finally punch she had got due to her being cocky


Anonymous and the KKK

Members of the anonymous group of online hackers are target the KKK website and leaking the members that worked and are active KKK members putting their info out there like what happened with the Ashley Madison accounts a couple weeks back. They promised to release 1000 members by the end of the week and so far have released 50 emails and phone numbers total so far. They’re hacking the twitter accounts of the official KKK. Despite there views, do you think they deserve this?


In Jail

This man who put his daughter in a fake jail since she was being bad and he didn’t want to beat his little daughter. This later got him arrested since he failed to follow the rules parents are giving there kids. This is unacceptable since there is no legal way to discipline your children. There is no legal way to teach your kid right from wrong when you cant even do anything except yell at them.

Man Charged

A guy killed a 7th grade girl in 1982 and after 30 years he kinda turned himself in. He randomly called a news station and told them a very detailed version of what he did. He hid her body under the porch which was hidden for 17 months until it was discovered while they were repairing the porch. The girl spent two birthdays under the porch and later was found. The killer now in his 50s was a teenager when he killed her.

Inmates Released

Around 5,000 inmates were released and are planning on being released. They are like in on petty crimes and other crimes such as drug dealing and robbery and stick up’s and other little crimes. They will still be labeled ex cons and all that. They will all be back to come in and get new jobs and contribute to the economy. They also will be coming back to American society as a free person and will also need to help getting back into society and getting back into the way and swing of things .

Self Driving Car

Toyota has unveiled the first self driving car today. The car is able to pilot on its own without a manual driver. his is an amazing break through since now people with disabilities can be able to travel along with people can take longer trips with out the risks of loss of sleep. This also will make the roads safer since there wont be a human driving there is little to no error since humans make the most errors. The car is in Beta testing and is expected to be selling in its home country(Japan) by 2020

Car Bombings

More than 50 people have been killed by car bombings in Iraq. As more and more people get killed due to the bombings America and Iraq. During this the country is trying its hardest to tighten up security and be mindful of cars that are are sitting there or cars left idol. I think that people should stop trying to do terror acts and just take up arms. Civilians shouldn’t die because you have an issue with the government