Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 one of battlefields later tittles is one of the best tittles so far. It by far is not the best. I’d give it the 4th best in the series or the 5th but out of 11, 12 tittles it is one of the best. The game is set as the Marines in  2014 fighting against the Russians and the Chinese.



A Chicago rapper called Rondo posted to his Instamatic account what he got for Christmas. It wasn’t a Xbox one or an iPhone he revived a brand new Anti tank rocket launcher. He was showing it off and laughing around with an At gun. He then since relieved a lot of attention for this. He since of course like all rappers do deleted the account. Why do all of the Chicago rappers need material things like this. He was being proud of the publicity he has


Motor sports have been around ever since racing began. People say that the first race race happened as soon as the second car came out of production. These cars go from basic racing to some of the fastest cars ever. These cars can look like normal cars you see on the streets however they are from the tires up very different cars. Also, the faster cars the formula 1 cars and the Endurance cars those are some of the fastest race cars ever and those cars can and will at least break the sound barrier

Grand Theft Auto My Crew

My Grand Theft Auto clan which I started October 27th 2013. Now, it is full. The max amount a player created crew can have is 1000. As of now my crew has hit 1000 members again.I usually kick out a hundred non active people however I am on the ropes about kicking out people since Grand Theft Auto Online is going dead and is getting pretty old to boring. I usually post videos of of GTA game play however i am now posting up BF4 and Forza.


Grand Theft Auto is an amazing game for several reasons. The game play is amazing along with the over all graphics and the DLC is free. This gives you days of game play and if your good at it like myself you can start a crew. A crew is a gang that you run and its basically like a clan for GTA. The max people you can have is 1000. My clan as of today has 1000 members in it for all systems. Also, you can rob banks and if you choice you can go and kill players or civilians. I prefer to kill players and as of right now i have 47,000 player kills.