Video Games

My experiences on video games have been very different and mixed as well. I have met a lot of new people that i never would have met however they themselves are much different. Me being good at the games I play I see that people come together to play for me or against me since I have been called many times “The best they ever seen” this to me I don’t believe it.


3 Trillion gone

The Treasury will have to explain to the world why and how they lost Three Trillion dollars as of this year .They lost the money somehow and can not explain how they manage to loose  that much money. They put it away for the crash that occurred in 2008. The Feds are looking for the money that just dissapeared out of the blue they are trying to find out what to do with the money that’s gone.

F1 Racing

In F1 racing before you can qualify to race there are racing before the grand Prix race. You must attend one of two mandatory practices to qualify for the race at the time. You can practice on your own however that isn’t mandatory to practice on your own. Furthermore, you may find out your number and other things such as where you will be in the line up and how long it’ll take to do laps. This is crucial information but practicing before the  race seems unfair in my opinion. Group practicing however, will be unfair since they know there opponents.

Life After the Navy

After life in the Navy depending on when i get out I’d either if i get kicked out for physical/mental. I’d either go of to be in private security. I’d be in private security or depending on my money situation I’d be a race car driver. If i survive until i get my full pension retirement, I’d then still try to be an racer and I’d relax with in my house with my family and other friends until i gotta go.

If I Was To Go to Colloge

If I was to go to college, I’d say I’d study an uncommon major. Possible science mostly outer space. Hopefully cosmology. I’ve always wanted to live in Pittsburgh so I’d go to college there and live there until I graduate. I’d study science to be an astronomer or an astronaut. I couldn’t Study anything else honestly because I couldn’t care to study it/pay for it. I’d also be going to Pitt or Duquesne University  something in the Pittsburgh area. If i couldn’t learn science i’d like to learn about medical.

After I Graduate

After I graduate I am not planning on going to college. I plan to go to the military and either be a Navy Seal, Army Ranger or Green Berets. I’d like to go special forces at the minimal since they are the only ones deploying as of now. After I go into that if I’m able to I plan on being Mercenary. If I can’t fight (Or there all dead which is very unlikely) I’d try to become a professional F1 or NASCAR racer if i can. I however have no idea how to go about becoming a professional racer

About Me

Hello, I am a Boy’s Latin senior who is preparing to graduate. I often post some things on YouTube by a different name. I get B’s and C’s in class and I consider myself an “OK” gamer. I play Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield. I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Naturally, I’m good with my hands since i play video games a lot and so forth. Almost anything that evolves a controller. I also lead a couple groups that all are full to the max as well one has 50/50 the other has 1000/1000 people.