Xbox one

Xbox one backwards comparability will be rolling out on Thursday and as of now, the games that they are letting out are mainly indie games and unknown games trying to make a comeback. Xbox has included an Xbox 360 emulator and you can play 360 games on your One. The downside is you need to start everything all over if you want to change games, same as restarting your Xbox 360 to replay a brand new game. The games are however Microsoft exclusives and the closest good game on the list is gears and Halo. But if you like pinball, Ms sploshion man, or Call of Juries.



General motors has recalled 1.2 million cars as oil leaks have cause the cars to leak fluid and have the cars engines catch on fire. All cars as far back as the 1997 models of GM cars are apart of the call back. that’s over 18 years of cars assuming General Motors made a new car every year and kept going on. This will be a pain for many people who have to take there cars back

Your Fingerprints Stolen!

Earlier this year, America says that there computer data base had been hacked. The hackers took up to five million fingerprints from the files and data base. Most were government workers, people who had to undergo back-round checks and other things to work. there fingerprints were stored but when they were hacked in mid June. If you have worked for the government and your fingerprints probably weren’t leaked however, it is possible.


Apple Watches can be Hacked!

A new study shows that the motion detector and other location based features can be hacked. This means that yet again Apple is able to be hacked and this means of course all peoples data can be accessed like when the I cloud was hacked back in early 2015. However, this is just a study and nobodies official watch has been hacked yet. This however shows that Apple can be hacked showing that even the simplest technology can be hacked by hackers nowadays in the time were everything is online.