Star Travel

The nearest star to us is Proxima Centauri. This would be our first choice since it is the closest. However, it takes light four years to get to Earth. That also means, the start could die today right now and we would only see the star supernova/dim out by 2019. To travel to this star by our way that is the most covenant  way to go is also our slowest way to go. We would not get to the triple star system until 81,000 years into the future. Another possible issue is the advance in tech. If we send a space craft out 20 years and then discover a much faster way, the ship we sent out would be surpassed thus making the mission of the first ship pointless


3 Trillion gone

The Treasury will have to explain to the world why and how they lost Three Trillion dollars as of this year .They lost the money somehow and can not explain how they manage to loose  that much money. They put it away for the crash that occurred in 2008. The Feds are looking for the money that just dissapeared out of the blue they are trying to find out what to do with the money that’s gone.


Motor sports have been around ever since racing began. People say that the first race race happened as soon as the second car came out of production. These cars go from basic racing to some of the fastest cars ever. These cars can look like normal cars you see on the streets however they are from the tires up very different cars. Also, the faster cars the formula 1 cars and the Endurance cars those are some of the fastest race cars ever and those cars can and will at least break the sound barrier


General motors has recalled 1.2 million cars as oil leaks have cause the cars to leak fluid and have the cars engines catch on fire. All cars as far back as the 1997 models of GM cars are apart of the call back. that’s over 18 years of cars assuming General Motors made a new car every year and kept going on. This will be a pain for many people who have to take there cars back

In Jail

This man who put his daughter in a fake jail since she was being bad and he didn’t want to beat his little daughter. This later got him arrested since he failed to follow the rules parents are giving there kids. This is unacceptable since there is no legal way to discipline your children. There is no legal way to teach your kid right from wrong when you cant even do anything except yell at them.

Problems We’d need to solve

The issues we’d be facing in space range from getting lost to running our of power. We’d need to have a way to grow food in space, prolong human life for space travel, or make traveling much faster. Then we’d have to solve the issues of communications, we would have to call back home to Earth no matter how far away we are. Finally, we would need a force field. This seems pointless, however, space is a very hostile place with rays to space rockets hitting your craft. We would have to A find a way to protect the ship or B have a 24/7 mechanic.

F1 Racing

In F1 racing before you can qualify to race there are racing before the grand Prix race. You must attend one of two mandatory practices to qualify for the race at the time. You can practice on your own however that isn’t mandatory to practice on your own. Furthermore, you may find out your number and other things such as where you will be in the line up and how long it’ll take to do laps. This is crucial information but practicing before the  race seems unfair in my opinion. Group practicing however, will be unfair since they know there opponents.