Could we harness the power

If we can harness the power of the sun, we could possibly travel to the nearest star here are a few quotes from the series “ask a scientist “at first, a caveat: even though the actual interstellar journey won’t be as bad you might think, the energy requirements are downright absurd. I’ve crunched a few numbers, and for the trip I’m going to describe, it would take the equivalent of about 100 quadrillion gallons of gas to reach the nearest star; that’s about the same amount of solar energy as hits the entire earth every 7 minutes. And mind you, that’s all supposing that we’re just sending a single person through space in a cardboard box with “spaceship” written on the side. Real spaceships are considerably heavier and would require even more energy,”


Star Travel

The nearest star to us is Proxima Centauri. This would be our first choice since it is the closest. However, it takes light four years to get to Earth. That also means, the start could die today right now and we would only see the star supernova/dim out by 2019. To travel to this star by our way that is the most covenant  way to go is also our slowest way to go. We would not get to the triple star system until 81,000 years into the future. Another possible issue is the advance in tech. If we send a space craft out 20 years and then discover a much faster way, the ship we sent out would be surpassed thus making the mission of the first ship pointless


Humans now can travel in the only conventional way we know how, Traveling with rockets or chemical travel. This isn’t even good for going to the moon and would be ruled out Automatically for Interstellar travel. The best ways we know now are, Wormhole, dragging, and a warp drive. (yes from Star Trek) These  will be our best bet to do however we can only dream about how long itll take us to even get this technology. If we get a way to do something completely different which is possible, after all we did discover jet fuel in the late 40s